What We Offer

Memories to be made

Camp Jabez is the place to be for events of any kind. From camps, to youth nights, to family reunions, to community gatherings, Camp Jabez is a place to go for all your hearts desires.


Youth Night

Come be a part of the Jabez community through Youth Night!

If you know any teenager who likes free pizza, bon fires, games and more send them to Camp Jabez, 12-17 years old every other Friday!

Junior Camp

For one week a year we host a camp for kids ages 8-12 where the kids prepare to perform for the community the following Thursday night as well as nightly services teaching young minds about the love of Jesus Christ.

Senior camp

Following junior camp, we host teenagers from ages 12-17 for one week where we have a blast all day long with activities and services every night spreading the love of God.


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